Mint Syrup

Again jars and again syrup… well, this year is very special for all Winter jars because they are dressed ! I always love to watch pictures of all those jars with jams, juices, preserved fruits and vegetables, honeys, home made liqueurs, syrups etc. which I very easily discovered in internet. But one very simple question is knocking to my head: Why I never before actually dressed my own winter jars? Why all my jams and juices were only average looking even they were delicious. Why they never deserved (from me of course) to get own lovely ribbon and cute bow ? Why? I honestly DON’T KNOW!

Well, time is change and this year all, absolutely ALL jars will be dressed as they deserved. Today two little ones with mint syrup. I prepared this syrup first time and I hope that I made it well and throwing away before year is end will be not needed. So, this syrup was made from mint which growing around the house. I picked pretty a lot of full mint branches (with leafs), washed and put to the juice maker. That way I got little amount of freshly pressed mint juice which I pour to the pot, add sugar (the same quantity in grams what was the juice quantity in ml…..Make sense?  eg. 100gr sugar for 100ml juice). Boiled it (I’m worry that I boiled it too short…. ah, will see later this year). And hot pour to the clean jar and quickly close the lid. Done! Dressed in scraps of cotton shirt and tied with satin ribbon :)

How cute they are….




2 thoughts on “Mint Syrup

    • I did it rather without very accurate measurements, haha.
      What I did?
      Picked good looking mint (full branches, as in the brunch is lots of juice), washed and passed through the juicer.
      I measured amount of juice (ml) and measured the same amount of sugar but in grams + a little bit of water. The recipe is for 0,5l of juice, but I re-counted it to the amount I need as I had less juice after juicer. So, here is full recipe:
      1/2 l freshly pressed mint juice
      1/2 kg of sugar
      1 glass of water (250ml)

      How to do?
      Sugar and water mix, boil and reduce till you get syrup. Add the mint juice and boil for another 10 min. Pour to the little bottles or jars when hot and close the lid quickly. Ta da!

      This syrup will be very useful for all sorts of things, such as: mint frosting or sauce for hot brownie, as a base to a mint drinks (the non-alcoholic for example). Is up to your imagination :)

      Let me know when you do it.

      Please note, that this syrup will be dark and not so clear as the syrups you can buy in the shop. But after few days you will notice that is getting nice a clear with the layer of mint mud on the bottom. My one is nice and clear now and it looks so nice.


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